The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industry is considered a male dominated field. Women have to struggle a lot in order to carve their name in this field. There has been a lot of debate on this subject and many reasons are being highlighted that why girls avoid choosing a career in STEM. The experts have conflicting views on the issue. Some believe it is due to gender bias and some people think it is because of the competition in this field. Various experts have participated in the debate regarding this issue to analyse the underlying factors that why women avoid to work in this field. In the article below, experts of a dissertation help firm have suggested some reasons why women should avoid choosing a career in STEM industry.

Demanding Syllabus:

The number of female students who seek a degree in STEM is much lesser than that of men. It is noted that women switch their courses after enrolling in STEM. The main reasons for leaving the STEM courses are the demanding syllabus and tough projects where some of them have to take assignment help services to pull off their projects. It is seen that most of the girls who take up a course in STEM are more likely to switch to another degree program in the second year. The main reason for this switching is the complex syllabus and the demanding projects that make it very difficult to pursue a degree in STEM.

Working in STEM is Extremely Challenging:

Working in STEM can be extremely demanding because in this field the expectations from the employers are very high. The higher working hours can put women into tough situations. And the employees often compete severely to achieve their particular objectives. All of these factors make STEM a difficult field for women. They need to go the extra mile in order to survive the challenges of this industry.

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Fewer Opportunities for Professional Progress:

As STEM is a male dominated industry there are very few chances for the women for their career growth. Since there are more men in the STEM-driven workplace, fewer opportunities are provided to the women for their professional growth. As there will be very few chances where women will be appointed for some crucial position and there is little scope of getting major promotions in this field. So you need to choose wisely.

Work-life Balance:

It is difficult for women to create a balance between their work and life while working in STEM industry. It is a demanding field and it becomes very difficult to handle the challenges of this field and managing your households. There are surveys that highlight the fact that fewer women will like to join the stem because of the particular requirements of this field from its employs.  Unlike other career options, this field requires more time and resources of its employs that makes it a challenging field for women.

Lower Pay Scale for Women:

The most important reason that a woman should avoid a career in STEM is the low pay structure for women in this industry. The low remuneration for women is the major reason that most of the women do not pursue a career in this field. Despite of all the hard work and commitment to their field they only get eighty present of their male counterpart. This means that after all the struggles if a woman is still working in the industry then she is not getting enough for her effort. She is managing her life at home and shares the same workload as a man in her industry but in the end, she walks away with much less salary than the other gender. So as a woman if you are thinking to work in the STEM industry you must consider that your pay structure would be different from that of men working in your field.

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These are some of the reasons that women should look through before making their decision to work in STEM industry. Based on these reasons STEM industry does not provide a promising future for the female gender. No matter how effectively they work for their field they are not treated equally. In order to cope with this situation, educators, social commentators and academic experts need to play their role and raise awareness regarding this issue. This would encourage more women to join the industry and take part in the development of this field.  Up till now, STEM is not a suitable profession for women but by ensuring a safe future it can provide opportunities for female gender to flourish and excel in this field.